Australian Leonberger Stud Book 
Last updated on 24th April 2013 (300 entries)
Recent update includes Ramalupa, assorted health data & Links

New Zealand Leonberger Stud Book
Last updated on 13th April 2014 (651 entries)
Recent update includes litters from Derbyshire, Lyonzred, Skyewood

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The aim of these stud books is to categorise Leonbergers in Australia and New Zealand in chronological order and provide basic information about them.
Leonbergers are still a very rare breed in this country with only 192 born in Australia that are officially registered since 1989.
This stud book includes two litters that have not been registered and several imports that have not been re-registered here, therefore we have 288 Leonbergers listed on this Stud Book.
Current live population is estimated to be a little over 200.

Stud Books can only be as useful as the information supplied, therefore it is very important for breeders and owners alike to submit all health details of their dogs.
Puppy buyers should study what verified information has been submitted from both Australian and New Zealand kennels

Genetic tests for Leonberger Polyneuropathy, LPN1 are now available. This form of early onset of LPN has been determined as simple recessive mode of inheritance. International Leonberger Database automatically shows tested results received in the pedigrees:
# N/N Clear
(#) N/N - based on both N/N parents
## D/N Carrier
(##) D/N - based on either affected or carrier offspring where other mate is clear, or affected other LPN offspring
### D/D Affected
(###) Biopsy which diagnosed LPN, not necessarily LPN1
Please note that we have had some difficulty in reproducing # or in static link options to the database, however the problem is solved but please be patient as the new links are changed on the Stud Books
Copies of health results can be sent as jpg,doc or pdf files to

Acknowlegement: All pedigrees and photos courtesy of the International Leonberger Database